Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stevie Wonder, the Runner?

Last weekend I put on all my running gear, ready for an afternoon run. I was just about to walk out the door, and Husband says, “Are you running in that?”

I looked down, trying to figure out what was wrong. I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and running shoes. Not a surprising get-up for a run.

“You’re running in those Stevie Wonder sunglasses?” he asked and laughed.

I hadn’t put a lot of thought in my choice of sunglasses, but I guess I figured I would wear them because: 1) it was sunny outside, and 2) they are the only pair of sunglasses I own. Reasonable explanations, right?

“But those are regular sunglasses, not sport sunglasses,” he explained.

Jeez, now I have to start buying “sport” sunglasses? Why would I do that when these work just fine? (And, I disagree that they look like Stevie Wonder glasses, but we’ll just move on.)

And, why am I getting criticism for a running outfit from my husband? No offense, but this is the man recently wore sweatpants and sneakers out to a nice dinner, an outfit that clearly screams “I’ve given up on life and fashion!”

So I disregarded his advice (especially since I had no other sunglasses), and ran in my Stevie Wonder glasses. While I was running, I wondered if other people thought they looked like Stevie Wonder glasses. In that case, people might have been inspired by my running. (“Wow, check out that blind girl. She’s running!”) However, I know that no one mistook me for Stevie Wonder himself. (I’m just too short and I sing too terribly for anyone to make that mistake.)

Regardless, I decided to put the glasses to the test and end this debate. I concluded out that they are definitely not Stevie Wonder’s. I tried to sing “Isn’t she lovely?” while wearing them, and I still croak like a frog.


Desiree' said...

That's hilarious. I admire you just because you are going out running! Never mind the glasses. Thanks for commenting on Clappy Shoes. Cheers to no double dipping! :)

Amy said...

You are too funny! My hubby recently took issue with my choice of shades as well. I ended up with a new pair. :) Maybe it is a military thing. Hubby won't wear his uniform for 5 minutes after he has cleared our doorway but he'll surely come to supper in his 10 year old shorts with paint stains and holes. I have to give him credit though, he does know how to relax and unwind.

Anonymous said...

You gave me a good laugh about the sun glasses. You know I ran for years without any because I just couldn't keep them on my face. Good for you, for wanting to protect you eyes even if they are not fashionable, and great job on your running ambition.