Sunday, February 10, 2008

God Bless the Girl Scouts

I love the Girl Scouts. I wish I could say it was because of something important like their values or their commitment to community service (although those things are quite admirable). But really, I’m just a sucker for their Thin Mint cookies. I make sure I stalk, I mean, visit any of their cookie-selling stands. Today was no exception. I had almost forgotten it was the glorious Girl Scout cookie season, until I saw the precious stand in front of the grocery store. Husband had dropped me off, so I could run into the store to pick up something for our lunch. And, of course, I couldn’t resist buying a box of Thin Mints on the way in. When I was walking around the store, I remembered the time I gave Husband a box of Thin Mints. We had just started dating, and I had bought 2 boxes from a co-worker’s daughter. I decided to part with one of my dear boxes, and I generously gave it to Husband. I thought that he would treasure the cookies as dearly as I did. A few months later, we drove into his garage, and I saw a familiar green box lying on the floor. A box of Thin Mints. I ran over to the box, expecting it to be empty. But the box was full! I opened it quickly, hoping to rescue the vital contents. But it was no hope. The cookies were one stale chocolatey, minty mess. I’m surprised that things didn’t end right there between me and Husband. (Could I really commit to someone that killed a box of precious Thin Mints?) But, after a line of harsh questioning, I let it go. And I didn’t think of it again until today, when I was in the grocery store. Then I started to wonder if he remembered anything of the Thin Mint Incident. Husband picked me up from my brief shopping errand, and I noticed he had something with him in the car. A green box of newly-purchased Thin Mints. For me. If this was his way of saying “sorry” for the desecrated Thin Mints of the past, then he should consider himself completely forgiven. What can I say? I’m a lucky girl - for both the cookies, and of course, the Husband.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tootie, I love thin mints also and was horrified at the thought of finding an unopened box on the garage floor (sigh). It looks like husband has a good memory.