Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do you want paper or plastic with your compliment?

I went to the commissary this morning directly after my yoga class. I got in line to check out, and the cashier (that will be known from this point forward as The Man That Made My Morning) said to me, “You look great in black.” I first looked behind me to see if he was talking to someone else, and then said, “Oh thanks!” He continued, “Just a compliment, but really, you look great in black.” I smiled and thanked him again. And why shouldn’t I have gotten complimented (twice!) this morning? After all, I was wearing my finest zip-up black fleece (that no longer “zips-up” after losing the zipper months ago in a dryer incident), a shirt that might have a hole in it somewhere (and I’m afraid to know exactly where), yoga pants, tennis shoes, and a ponytail that sat atop my greasy, unwashed hair. And, though I can’t confirm it, I probably smelled from not showering and yoga-ing. Clearly, I was a sight this morning, and deserved such kind praise from The Man That Made My Morning. Either way, I’m grateful for the compliment. He inspired me to want to compliment someone else. (Who doesn’t love getting a compliment?) He also might have inadvertently inspired me to forgo showering again on my next trip to the store. I guess maybe instead of extending compliments, I should just start extending my apologies in advance to the rest of the shoppers.


trying said...

Its so nice when someone just randomly brightens your day without even knowing that they did it. Makes you want to pay it forward indeed!

Ann M. said...

Yay! I love it when something little happens that absolutely makes your day :)

Reynie said...

It had to be the greasy ponytail. I do the greasy ponytail look often and have come to think of it as a fashion statement. And not to mention we're being very "green" by saving water by not showering! Why wouldn't that deserve a compliment?! Good for you!