Saturday, June 14, 2008

Maybe we just weren't meant to have landscaping

Our landscaping was just starting to make a recovery after the deer feast, when another set of plants found themselves under attack.

The perpetrators were much smaller than deer, but they were much greater in number.

Tiny little ants formed a long, black line on our sidewalk, each carrying away a piece of our plant. Had it not been our own plant, we might have found it comical. Actually, we did find it comical, but we still weren’t happy about it.

[Side note: Later we happened to catch a show on the Discovery Channel about this type of ants. Apparently they don’t eat the plant, but they use the pieces to grow some sort of...mold. To eat. Another reason to be glad you’re not an ant.]

Husband, because he’s nice, gave the ants a variety of special “drinks” to go with their plant pieces. We haven’t seen any ants since then.

The plant is still not looking too good. Perhaps the humiliation of being hauled away, bit by bit, was too much for it to take.

By the way, this is my third post
about ants! Maybe this is more humiliation than I can take, too.

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