Monday, June 30, 2008

A miracle in our own home office

Husband worked his magic and turned the furniture pieces into a real functioning desk.

Here it is in all its glory.

What’s even more amazing is that he was able to finish the assembly in about 15 minutes.

I didn’t know whether to be envious that he could complete the assembly in such a short time (it would have easily translated into 2 hours of Tootie time) or just be content that the project is done.

I picked neither of those options and decided instead to be completely overjoyed that we have a real, live desk in our office. Our computer and printer finally have a home instead of being nomads shuttled from place to place.

There’s only one slight problem. The chair is a little too short for the desk. In Husband’s very diplomatic way, he told me that when I sat at it I looked “like a kindergartener at an oversized desk.”

I would gladly keep the kindergartener look, if I knew it would guarantee me snack time, followed immediately by nap time.

But, since it won’t, we’ll be shopping for a new chair soon.

Thankfully, I’ve learned a lesson from the frustration known as desk assembly, and I’m happy to put Husband in charge of any assembly (and/or humiliation) that will be required for the chair.


A, B & C said...

It looks great and I love the print over your desk. I know the frustration over putting things together. It's usually my husband's job too, but if it looks easy I take over so I can feel proud of myself! :-)

Kel said...

Oh how funny...can I have snack and nap time too?!

Yay for the new addition to your home...isn't it wonderful having men to do the things we can't?

Have a great day!

Jen said...

Love the painting on the wall! So soothing for an office!

Annie said...

I agree, snack and a nap would most certainly make me a nicer person. Shall I bring cake ;)

Manohar said...

Hi Tootie,

However tough it may be to assemble, the desk is a beauty. Now you will post all your wonderful stories sitting at that desk. Yes, you should get a proper chair which is comfortable also.


Reynie said...

Sign me up for that nap time! i'll skip the snack.

Angela said...

The office looks great! And, nap time is my favorite too... not really for the naps (my lucky children get those) but for the peace and quiet!