Friday, June 13, 2008

Marathon Training! Week 3

Here’s what running has brought me so far, more or less: - I have much more blog material. - I have much more laundry to do with an extra 4 days of workout clothes per week to wash. - Right after I run, I feel like I have much more energy. - However, sometimes later in the afternoon, I feel like I have less energy. In fact, I’m seeing less of the movies we watch. [True story: I fell asleep during the movie “Don’t Mess with the Zohan” last Sunday afternoon, and Husband nudged me to wake up. What I wanted to tell him was that I should go back to sleep because 1) the movie cost only $3, and 2) it wasn’t that great of a movie. But, I ate some Mike and Ikes and managed to stay awake.] - I have much more confidence in myself. (Though I might have slightly less confidence in our movie selections after Sunday’s pick.) ----------- Happy running thought: I have 39 miles and 11 days of running under my belt in my training program. Sad running thought: It took 8 days of running just to add up to one single marathon. Yikes!


Playful Professional said...

That's great though!! Eventually one day will add up to a single marathon. You'll make it.

Patti said...

i totally understand the energy after a great run but the down slide later. on my long run days, i am good for a few hours. after that i just get studip...crap, i mean stupid.

(i ran 11.2 this morning and my window of normalness is fast evaporating...)

Mike Fox said...

I totally agree with the blog material. After my marathon - and having to take a few weeks off from running to rest my hamstring - I struggled to get blog entries written. This week, with more runs, I found it easier to blog.

As for the accumulation of mileage - don't worry about it right now. The worst part for me was post-marathon took me four weeks to log the amount of mileage I covered on the morning of the marathon (see injury comment above).

Run healthy and keep on blogging!

Jen said...

I'm right with you--it's scary when it takes a week of runs to equal what we'll be doing in 5-ish hours in a few months!!

david said...

That is funny about the laundry comment. I was just thinking about that last night as I was folding laundry. But still worth it.