Monday, January 7, 2008

Uninvited Guests

Husband and I have had quite a few guests recently. Uninvited guests, that is. So you think they would be on the best behavior, right? Nope.

They go where they please, at times, interrupting our dinner and/or TV-watching. They have no regard for our space. And worst of all, three of them actually bit me!

They’re tiny. They’re quiet. They’re ants.

I never thought too negatively of ants. (Maybe I had seen “A Bug’s Life” one too many times….which now I’m thinking, must be ant propaganda.) Most of them I had encountered were pretty benign.

But, never had I actually had an ant bite me! The bites actually hurt. I yelped when the first unexpected attack hit. And worst of all, they itch for days worse than any mosquito bite. So far, they’ve struck at my feet, helpless and bare most of the time. One bite was so bad (my scratching didn’t help) that my foot started to resemble one of Godzilla’s.

So, in addition to wearing socks, Husband and I are on ant alert. Any we see is immediately assaulted with a book, shoe, or another nearby weapon. We have some ant spray, but I usually feel like it’s doing more damage to our own lungs than the tiny insects that we’re targeting.

The war is on. Yet, I can’t help but feel that they’re still winning somehow. Excuse me while I scratch my foot…

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Playful Professional said...

Let me know if you find any way to get rid of them. We somehow ended up with a couple of roaches in our place and can't get rid of them. At least it gets me to clean more, but I'm always flinching at every black mark on the wall.