Saturday, January 5, 2008

It’s a Zoo

It was a perfect day for a trip to the zoo. Sunny and really warm - even by summer standards.

We paid our admission, and, with just a few steps, we had truly entered the wild. We were surrounded by squawking birds, jumping monkeys, roaring tigers, plus a vast menagerie of rowdy toddlers and other hyperactive children. Simply navigating around the zoo was a challenging task. We weaved around strollers, and avoided near-collisions with runaway children and the frazzled parents that followed.

The trip was entertaining, though. We watched with curiosity and humor the wild creatures within the exhibits – and the equally fascinating creatures outside of the exhibits, too.

We left feeling satisfied. Yet, simply watching parents chasing after their children made us exhausted – and nearly convinced us that we might sooner adopt a spirited monkey before a spirited child. It might just be more fun than a barrel of…well, you know.

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