Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Star Wars 101

I decided that it had gone on too long – not knowing who (or what) Obi-Wan Kenobi is or why everyone uses phrases like “may the force be with you.”

Somehow I skipped out on the required viewing of Star Wars – any of the movies – as a child. I don’t know much about sci-fi (nor am I a fan), but I know enough that I was at least missing out on a key part of American culture.

So I enrolled in Star Wars 101 last night. Husband was the professor patiently answering my continuous stream of questions as we watched the first (The Phantom Menace) and second (Attack of the Clones) movies. Some questions required only brief answers (Husband: He’s a good guy – see the light saber?), but others required we stop the movie so he could give a longer explanation to end my confusion (Husband, sighing: See, that guy used to be a Jedi, but now he’s bad. And, no, we don’t know why he’s doing that). Not only did I get a healthy dose of Star Wars literacy, but I also gained a renewed admiration for Husband who never complained during my most-annoying questioning that interrupted just about every scene of the movies.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far: 1) The movies are a little corny, but quite good. They’re definitely well-worth watching. 2) The music is just as good, if not better. 3) Yoda is my favorite character. (Or, as he would say: My favorite character, yoda is.) 4) I’m glad we are watching them at home (instead of in the theater) or I would have annoyed every movie-goer with my constant talking. 5) The stories happen “a long time ago…” (…in a galaxy far, far away…), yet everything seems so futuristic.

We still have four movies left, which equals about 8 more hours of movie-watching and at least hundreds of more questions.

I have faith that Husband will be able to answer all my questions, except this one: why didn’t I watch these movies a long time ago?


Anonymous said...

Your daddy must have not cared for Sci-Fi

tootie said...

Ha. You're right! But, due to his influence, I am well-versed in all things Humphrey Bogart and Tom Selleck. :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your posts are so funny and I feel like I have been living with Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader for years now, it's funny to hear someone who has never seen the movies. This is my second time around. When I was little, I was Princess Lea for Halloween. I had me some good hair.

Christine said...

Oh, my...this post made me feel OLD!!

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my site...I hope the next photo tip is as helpful as the last. Off to read more of your blog!