Thursday, January 24, 2008

You've Got Fan Mail

I love getting our mail everyday. It’s always exciting to see what might be waiting for us in our mailbox. Recently we got the Star Wars videos that I won on eBay (at a bargain price of $5, I might add) for Star Wars 101. The week before we got an unexpected refund check from our old mortgage company. And not too long ago we got a nice note from an old friend.

But nothing quite compares to what was in our mailbox yesterday. Husband got, no joke, some bonafide fan mail! I don’t know who was more excited – me, or me!

It was a type-written note from an aerospace engineer who “read with interest” the story about Husband in an aviation magazine. (Huh? Husband was in an aviation magazine? How did we not know about this?)

He thanked Husband for his military service. And he kindly requested that Husband take the enclosed paper with him in the jet sometime. The paper had a place for Husband to write the date of the flight, and it conveniently had a self-addressed stamped envelope, so Husband could drop it in the mail. The man explained in his letter that he collects memorabilia flown on military aircraft.

Husband shrugged the whole thing off as no big deal. But how often does someone (besides anyone with a Hollywood address) get genuine fan mail? I did once. It was from Publisher’s Clearinghouse saying that I might already be a winner. But I wasn’t, so I guess it wasn’t fan mail.

Husband is planning on taking the man’s (I mean, “fan’s”) paper with him on an upcoming flight. And he wrote a very nice note thanking him for his kind letter. (Ok, so I wrote the letter. But, don’t tell the fan…)

I still think the whole thing is exciting. It’s nice to know that someone took the time to thank him for his service and took a risk in asking for the small favor. And it’s equally nice to know that I’m married to someone that would take the time to honor his simple request.

Really, I’m just excited to find out that I’m married to a celebrity. Too bad that his celebrity status still doesn’t exempt him from having to take out the trash.


Christine said...

Blech. I don't like getting the mail. Too stuffed with bills. Congrats on the fan mail to your hubs!

HRH said...

so cool. he is so cool. I am glad YOU wrote the letter.