Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's a Deal

I’ve learned lots of new things about Husband since we got married. But, the most recent thing I’ve learned is courtesy of NBC’s Deal or No Deal.

We sat down to watch it, and, like most couples, debated whether the contestant should take the deal. But that’s where the similarities end.

Husband then morphs into a human computer, calculating out loud a stream of probabilities, percentages, and ratios. He scribbles dollar amounts and occasionally uses a calculator for a more precise calculation. I could go on about how I think that any activity that requires a calculator nullifies the activity as “fun,” but for now, I’ll focus on Husband’s newly introduced talent.

He’s usually pretty accurate (almost frighteningly so) at predicting the banker’s offer. If I didn’t know he was a pilot, I would guess that he was a mathematician – or maybe even a fortune teller.

So, now when I watch the show, I have double the entertainment: the drama of the show itself and the antics of my husband turned human calculator.

Plus, I have the confidence of knowing that if I’m ever a contestant on the show, my husband will be there standing by - calculator in hand. Sounds like a good deal!

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