Friday, December 12, 2008

Lost: Master's Degree

A few months ago, my University rep asked for my mailing address, so she could send me my diploma. I’d been waiting for this moment for a long time. I was excited (almost giddy) to finally see the proof that I actually finished my Master’s degree, confirming that it wasn’t just a hazy memory of papers, quizzes, and tests. The day before Husband and I were going out of town, I got a slip to pick up a “large, oversized envelope” at the post office. I called the post office and told them that we were going out of town, and I asked them to hold this “large envelope” with our other mail. When we got back, I went to the post office and picked up our mail. All of our mail was there, except for the “large envelope.” They gave me the name and phone number of the woman at the post office that handles the packages, and they told me to call her later that afternoon. I got in touch with her, and I explained the story. She said, “Oh wait, was it a large, oversized envelope?” Yes, I replied. “And it was from a university? It looked like a diploma, maybe?” Yes! That’s the one! “Well, I’m sorry, ma’am, but because no one picked it up, I sent it back yesterday.” Noooooo! I contacted my University rep, explained the situation, and apologized profusely. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind sending it back, once it was returned to her. I offered to pay the additional postage. She said not to worry, and she’d send it back. After six or seven weeks (I’ve lost count), she still hasn’t gotten it! I can only wonder if someone intercepted my diploma and sold it on the black market. (And, if such a market for advanced degrees exists, how much would it take for me to pick up a PhD?? I’d be willing to pay top dollar. Kidding, of course.) Anyway, she is going to re-order my diploma and send it to me. Remind me not to go out of town when it’s supposed to arrive.


kel said...

Awe...I'm so sorry, I know how excited I was when I finally got mine - I can't imagine having to wait for it a SECOND time!!
Hope you get it soon...

Rebecca said...

Great blog! Do you mind if I add you to my blog list? I'm a military girlfriend and I enjoy reading blogs about military wives.

Annie said...

Egad! Talk about earning your degree!

Jenna said...

Oh how awful! I hope it comes soon!

TRS said...

Oh No!!!
I'm sure it will turn up.

Last year, I photographed my dear friend's wedding in San Francisco. I printed a few of our favorites in 8x10 and 5x7 - and I made several CDs of the images - and put them in the mail.

When the kiosk asked if I wanted to insure the package I thought "A) I'm unemployed and broke and B) it's the post office's job to get things where we send them... so no"

Weeks went by and she did not recieve the package. I was beside myself. Yes, they are digital images so all was not lost but still... you don't want precious wedding pictures in ill-gotten hands.
I went to the post office who said they could only help if I had insured the package. I gave them what-for in the tune of postage is supposed get my stuff where I send it. it did not help.

A few more weeks went by and return to sender (me) kicked in. Whew!
I sent them again, insured this time.

Anonymous said...

Hope it arrives soon; it's so nice to finally hold that sucker in your hands! : )

loquita said...

7 weeks is craziness! This is the reason why I've had all my diploma's mailed to my parents' house. They are *always* home. :)

Hope the re-order arrives soon! It will now be a terrific Christmas present. :)

Kristen said...

I can't believe they sent it back because you didn't pick it up fast enough!