Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deployed Greetings

When I was deployed, I love perusing through the pile of greeting cards that were written to “any service member.”
The Chaplain’s office at my deployed location always displayed the cards, and they encouraged us to look at them and take any that we wanted.
Some were store-bought cards with handwritten greetings, some were simple letters, and others were colorful cards that children made. All were equally touching and uplifting. It reaffirmed to me how good and generous people can be.
One letter, written by a 12-year-old girl, especially touched me. She asked in her letter for a response and included her address. So, for a brief time, we became pen pals. We stopped writing after my deployment, but I saved her letters (among others I received) and I’m still grateful for them.
This year it was my turn. I found the address through the Red Cross where you can send holiday wishes to “any service member.” (They are collecting letters until December 10th, and their website has further info.)
My family thought it was a neat idea, and we all wrote a holiday card after Thanksgiving. (And although I consider myself a pretty good letter-writer, I think Husband’s message actually turned out to be much more heartfelt than mine!)
I hope that those currently deployed experience the same kindness that I did through these letters, and maybe for a few moments they will feel “home.”

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Joanne said...

What a nice gesture. You never know who your card will touch with that generous holiday spirit. And what nice mementoes you have in the old letters from your pen pal!