Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm such a rebel

Quick quiz question. What does this picture represent?

a) an unmade bed
b) sweet and long-awaited liberation for an obsessive bed-maker
c) the sight that caused Husband to cheer
d) all of the above

You’re right, it’s d.

I finally have taken the first act of freedom, by loosening my firm grip on my obsessive cleaning habits.

I’ve always been a consistent bed-maker. My mom, the queen of clean herself, trained me that way. I’ll admit that it’s a good habit, and it keeps everything looking neat and orderly.

Last fall when we were selling our condo, I took my bed-making duties even more seriously. I made it as soon as I got up, even going as far as fluffing the pillows and smoothing the comforter. The bed looked like it had popped out of the pages of a home magazine.

But now, as I take my final grad school classes and I train for a marathon, bed-making has slipped on the priority list.

And, in an act defiant of all cleaning rules, I decided not to make the bed last week.

Husband came home from work, saw the unmade bed, and audibly rejoiced. He knew what a big deal it was for me.

I’m really probably saving only 60 seconds from not making the bed. But somehow I’m contributing to my sanity. An unmade bed never felt so good.


A, B & C said...

Most people are surprised that bed making isn't a high priority for me, since I'm such an organized, neat person. It finally dropped from my To-Do List completely once Love Bug was born. I take too many naps to bother!

It does feel good to let some things go. Good for you!

Reynie said...

Girlfriend--I applaud you on that one! I can't leave the house if the bed is not made. Such an ordeal (or OCC) type thing for me! Grad school? Ahh, i have fond memories of the last day of grad school and when my diplomia final came in the mail! Good luck!

Patti said...

i'm here from trish's....i am training for a marathon, my first, too!
and we never make our bed...well, not unless our mother's are coming over.

Anonymous said...

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