Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy (very early) Mother’s Day

I probably won’t be blogging in Hawaii (and I’m not computer-savvy enough to know how to set a post to publish on a future date), so I’m posting these Mother’s Day wishes early. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Thanks for… the endless support and encouragement the chats (also known as my free therapy via phone) the laughs the gardening advice the great meals our faith the many batches of (to-die-for) brownies the walks on the beach making sure I got the most mail when I was deployed vacations together visiting me in every place I’ve lived that cute pink purse you gave me that I always get compliments on encouraging me to read as a kid encouraging me to keep a supply of cookies in the house fun Christmas traditions celebrating each milestone, big or small, with signs and cards showing me how to be generous the nickname you gave me as a kid that became my blog name :) love, your Tootie

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