Thursday, March 6, 2008

Time for a Final Exam Crisis

I suppose it wouldn’t be a real final exam experience, if there wasn’t some near-disaster before it. A couple days ago I noticed that my watch had stopped. It didn’t seem like a big deal, until an hour before my proctored exam yesterday. I realized that I had nothing to monitor my time during the two-hour exam at the library. I’d usually default to my cell phone for the time, but I knew it wouldn’t be allowed during testing. Here’s what went through my pre-exam, stressed brain: Oh no! I’ll lose all track of time and I won’t be able to finish the exam! And I’ll fail! I guess I could run to the store and buy a new watch. Or a new battery. But there’s not enough time! Should I call Husband at work and ask to borrow his? I think he’s flying, though, so he couldn’t give it to me anyway. AGH! I don’t want to fail this test!! I should have realized that there might actually be, you know, a clock in the room where I’d be taking my test. I really had nothing to worry about it, but I found my solution anyway. I remembered that Husband had a very large, silver dress watch in his drawer. A man watch. I figured he wouldn’t mind if I borrowed it. So I slipped the gigantic man watch on my comparatively small wrist. It felt noticeably heavier and looser than my regular watch, but I was still glad to have it. And off I went to my exam. I wish I could say that the watch calmed my nerves, but I still had the normal pre-test jitters. The exam went fine, though, and I had no problem seeing the time on the watch’s extremely large face. Even still, I have to say that I hope this is the last time I have to wear a man accessory during a final exam.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tootie! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog lately! I had totally forgotten about coming back to your blog, in the midst of internet and computer sagas, and had you not commented, I might never have remembered!! Thanks again. :)