Friday, March 14, 2008

Crazy, cheap, or crazy cheap?

Here’s probably how normal, non-military men go to a restaurant for dinner: - Come home from work. Possibly shower. Change into some casual, non-work clothes and go to the restaurant. Here’s how military men (at least my husband and his 2 friends last night) go to a restaurant for dinner: - Come home from work. Stay in uniform. Go to the restaurant. I asked Husband if he wanted to change before we all went to dinner last night. He said: “No way! Then we won’t get the 50% off military discount.” [For whatever reason, the restaurant will not give the discount if you’re not in uniform, even if you have your military ID card with you. Trust us, we’ve tried.] I’d think that his idea of staying in uniform was crazy, except that with the discount, our total bill for 2 meals was only $7! So, I guess that makes us both crazy and cheap.

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Ann M. said...

It's so funny, my hubby and I were just talking about this, because he wears utilities to work (we were watching a movie with sailors at a bar in utilities). He'd have to come home and change into a working uniform even to go out and eat! Not so with khakis or BDUs!

I always said I would never take a job where the clothes were so uncomfortable I wanted to change the minute I walked in the door :)