Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A friend of mine from my women’s group shares my love of cooking. We often talk about meals and recipes. Last time we were talking, she happened to mention that she and her husband eat by candlelight every night for dinner. (Yes, you read that correctly – every night!)
When I heard that, I felt a mix of awe and envy. I cannot even remember the last time that Husband and I ate by candlelight, but I’m guessing that it was probably when we were dating.
Most nights, I feel lucky that I have the time to manage to make a meal, let alone having the time to decorate the table, too. (Although, I’ll admit, it probably wouldn’t take much extra effort to light a candle.)
Still, she inspired me to at least light my candles more often. I have so many pretty ones in various scents. And there is something almost peaceful about having a candle lit in the room.
During my pre-move cleaning, I found quite a few candles, including this cute egg candle. The timing on finding it was perfect, since Easter is coming up fairly soon.
And who knows, maybe I’ll celebrate Mardi Gras tonight with a candle.
Happy Fat Tuesday!


Mary said...

I love that egg-shaped candle, though I'd be loathe to actually light it :-).
I marvel at women like your friend. My house at dinner time is quite loud and hectic. We do however, use candlelight for Saturday nigh dinner. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Annie said...

You should give it a whirl. I may just light a candle tonight!

nanny said...

I love it....I use to have one just like it....I don't know what happened to it...hummmm.