Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Hurricane with Their Wine

I finally used a Pottery Barn gift card that we received as a wedding gift. I have a few very good excuses for not using the gift card for so long (over a year and a half!): 1) We do not live close to a Pottery Barn. 2) The gift card never expires, so it's kept its full value the whole time. 3) When I did some preliminary research, I found that our gift card (for a very generous amount!) would pay for approximately one leg of a chair or a single exquisite toothpick. (I’m joking – sort of.) Finally, the stars aligned for me last week, and I decided to order some very nice wine glasses for our friends’ upcoming wedding. I was very proud that I finally used the gift card, and I thought the wine glasses would make a nice gift for our friends. Pottery Barn sent me an e-mail with the tracking information, and I saw that my package of wine glasses was in transit, currently at a location in Houston. And it took a second for the remarks (in all caps) to dawn on me: “EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL” I wonder if our friends will think that we’re extra generous when they find we’ve included some complimentary Hurricane Ike with their wine glasses?


New Girl on Post said...

I love Pottery Barn, but you are right, a lot of money doesn't go a long way there!

Reynie said...

That's funny bc I too have had a Pottery Barn gift card from my wedding that was over a year and a half ago... for the same reasons. And, mine says I can't use it online. bummer. Hope the glasses make it safe.