Sunday, September 7, 2008

Marathon Training! Weeks 14 and 15

My training is starting to feel like it’s gone on forever! Truthfully, I think I actually started my training a little bit too early, since the marathon isn’t until mid-November. But, I’m taking advantage of the extra time and scaling back my long runs a bit, so I don’t burn myself out before the big race day. Last week wasn’t so bad, but this week was tough. Specifically, my long run yesterday was really hard. My neighbor, a fellow military spouse and runner, is also training for the same marathon. We haven’t run together much - she usually runs in the evenings when her husband is home to watch the kids, and I usually run early in the morning. My friend is really sweet, and she must also be very persuasive, too, because somehow she managed to convince me that it would be fun to run 10 miles on a track! (That’s 40 laps! On a track!) We drove to base yesterday morning, and we started out on our run. The first few miles weren’t bad, and we’d stop every few miles to drink Gatorade and take a few bites of bananas. My friend runs faster than I do, but somehow I managed to stay on pace with her. Then the sun started beating down on us, and those last few miles were torturous. It was so hot that I felt like I was running with a wool blanket wrapped around me! I had a running dialogue (no pun intended) with myself trying to figure out a way to stop running without looking like a quitter in front of my friend. Finally, after running 9.5 miles, with two laps to go and little strength left, I told her I was going to walk. I came home with blisters on my feet and my spirit defeated. I started to question why I wanted to do this marathon in the first place. I cried to Husband that I felt like an imposter and a fool for thinking that I could take my non-athletic self and run a marathon! Thankfully, he made me feel much better. I’ve learned that this training – just like anything else – will have its up and downs. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t compare myself to others. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t lament that I’m not a natural athlete, but I should be proud that I’m trying to run anyway. And finally, I’ve learned that, no matter what, the track is just not my friend! I’ll stick to running through my neighborhood instead.


Playful Professional said...

I couldn't imagine running more than about a mile on a track. I get sooo bored. I'd suggest sticking to non-track long runs :)

Abbey said...

My husband did a marathon in March and he never ran on the track or on a treadmill. He tried it a few times and just felt so sluggish. Running a scenic view was what got him through exactly what you're talking about. You're doing great- keep at it!

New Girl on Post said...

40 laps! I'd have gone insane! This coming from a girl who gets bored running one mile on a track.

I'm still impressed with you running 9.5 miles, that's just amazing to me!

Annie said...

I'm sorry the track was a stinker!

I'm track running right now just to get up to speed (and strength). I will still have to drive into town as we live in the country (on a gravel road - twisted ankle, knee, etc.) and the busy road we live off of is blacktop just waiting for my body to be smooshed under someone's wheels.

Hubby is right: do NOT compare yourself to others! It's the downfall of us all when we cave to what we perceive as the measuring stick of others.

Run your way and only your way.

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

I think you're heroic! My longest run is a 5K... I am training for one now that will be held at the end of October. I also love running outside... my treadmill workouts at the Y are good, but I enjoy the scenery. My son and daughter-in-law completed a 1/2 marathon in July. They trained so hard and were so diligent, and I am so proud of them. I think anyone who gets up, gets out, and gets going is pretty darn great!! Keep up the great work!!

Reynie said...

keep your spirits up! You're doing great! You'll do just fine! The track is just not a great place to run. Boring... and hot. Who needs wool blanket when they run? nobody.