Friday, September 26, 2008

Redneck Party

A friend from Husband’s unit invited us to a redneck-themed party this weekend, and Husband asked me if we should go. I said an enthusiastic “yes!” (Or, make that “shoot yeah!” or “Darn tootin’!”) But first, we shopped at the local discount store for the perfect redneck attire, which was surprisingly fun. (The ease at which we were able to pick out our redneck clothes made me wonder if we’re not as classy as we originally thought…) I got these very sophisticated bud light shorts.

Husband is going for the hunter look.

And, we’re supposed to bring a redneck dish. I’m bringing these redneck sushi rolls. I’ve actually had them before (again, maybe I’m not as classy as I thought!) and they’re actually pretty tasty. The bonus is that they only include three ingredients (ham, cream cheese, and pickles), so even I can make them! Jeff Foxworthy would be so proud.


Kel said...

haha...I'll have to admit I've had these 'sushi' rolls and I love them. My hub thinks I'm crazy, but I can't seem to get enough of them...oh well!

Hope you have fun!

Angela said...

Too funny! All our parties around here include a little redneck, even when we are trying not to (!)... and both camo and Bud beer are perfect - you did a great job! =)