Friday, October 22, 2010

Sweet Souvenir

My friend just got back from her trip to Germany, and she brought me the best souvenir.
How did she know I love that chocolate? Maybe it’s because when she asked me if I wanted anything from Germany before she left, I blurted out, “Milka chocolate!” Then, the polite side of my brain kicked in, and I added, “But you don’t have to get me anything, of course.” But, of course, she got it for me anyway. And the picture is not completely accurate because she actually brought me back 2 chocolate bars. I’ll give you one guess who ate the first one. (Hint: It’s not Husband.) I’m rationing this second one.

1 comment:

JMO said...

Oh I miss that stuff! And I really miss the chips called Hula Hoops. Those were great!