Thursday, June 10, 2010

Entertaining, Part II

I think I can officially end my guilt about not entertaining. This weekend we’re hosting a big party for Husband’s co-workers. It’s a tradition for the person in Husband’s position in the unit to host a party for the other team members. I just found out about the party a couple days ago. Husband came home from work and after a couple hours, he nonchalantly said, “Oh, the party is going to be this weekend.” And then I proceeded to repeat everything Husband said in the form of a question. “This weekend?” “The party will be here at our house?” “We provide the dinner?” “There will be 30 people attending?” I’m not freaking out (yet) because Husband has assured me that a bunch of hungry guys will not care how clean the house is or if there are party decorations. This morning I purchased more hot dogs and hamburgers in one grocery trip than I’ve bought in my entire life. In other words, I think we’re set.


Mira said...

I know those situations. Every-time we host a party or cook out I am freaking out days before that trying to get everything perfect. And at the end, no one notice how clean, organized and decorated my house it. It's all food and drinks. And people, nothing else matters (but I still cannot help myself so I clean and clean before everyone come by) LOL

Relax and enjoy! :)

Tasha said...

You guys will have a blast! If there is plenty of meat and a cooler full of beer, everyone should be happy. Enjoy your weekend!

Kristie said...

Enlist the help of others... namely, the husband with the idea to "entertain". Although, we secretly LOVE hosting... the men folk are less likely to offer us up when they are made to contribute!

have fun!


Keri said...

Oh geeze, good luck! That kind of stuff drives me crazy. (I'm such a planner and control freak, lol.) I'm sure it will be a great success for you though! Have fun :)

Eve said...

Ahhh don't you love that!? Yikes, well, I'm sure you pulled it off without a hitch and I bet everyone had a great time. :o)

Sara said...

How did it go?! Details!!