Monday, October 19, 2009

Identity Change

I spent the majority of my childhood living up North, but I’ve lived most of my adult life in the South.
Since then, I’ve been quickly won over by sweet tea (which is entirely different than unsweetened tea that you sweeten at the table yourself).
I’ve happily gotten rid of my huge winter parkas, thermals, and other bulky gear.
And once I realized that the young Southern man that was offering to help me with my groceries wasn’t going to rob me, I’ve grown to love the kind hospitality.
Yesterday I realized that I’ve become an official, card-carrying member (or more accurately, a magazine-carrying member) of the South, when I saw this in my mailbox:
My Northern side can rationalize that I subscribed because I saw a deal on Amazon for a year’s subscription for just $5 (that’s sadly no longer available). Or maybe I’m just becoming a Southerner, y’all.


Allison said...

I tip my glass of sweet tea to you.

potandkettle said...

Sweet tea is the wine of the South. I'll see you a glass and raise you some banana pudding :)

My mom just renewed my subscription to Southern Living as part of my Christmas present. It's how I knew I was becoming a grown up *sigh* I also own every Southern Living Annual Recipes cookbook since the first one was published in 1979. And I've read them.

Except for annoying humidity and mosquitoes large enough to hitch a plow to, the South's pretty nifty.

MG said...

Let me tell you, Southern Living is the best magazine ever! Much better than Coastal, Midwest or whatever other Living there is out there. You won't be disapointed!

Jen's Farmily said...

hee hee. I bet there's not a magazine titled "Northern Living". (Or is there?)

Jenna said...

I'm with you as a Southern transplant myself! Love me some sweet tea!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Love that magazine!!!!

Solar Powered said...

Welcome, please inform us when you make your first casserole from the magazine :)

Annie said...

I dunno...Sunset Magazine is pretty nice featuring the Pacific Northwest. Of course, you'll still need your bulky winter wear from time to time.