Friday, February 27, 2009

Eggs, bacon, and a side of new dress

Husband and I invited a few neighbors over for breakfast/brunch tomorrow. Most of our neighbors have been nice enough to invite us over, so it’s long overdue for us to host. Plus, I think it’s about time I face my fear of cooking for guests. I chose breakfast food because I think my cooking skills have progressed to where I can safely make eggs, bacon, muffins, and fruit salad. Maybe at some point we’ll move toward serving our guests slightly more difficult meals, like lunch or (gasp!) dinner. I went shopping for groceries for tomorrow’s event. Here’s what I bought.
Oh, but wait. What’s that? It’s a dress! And here’s where I have to make an embarrassing confession for the story to make sense: I shop at Wal-Mart. (It’s cheaper that the other grocery stores, and it’s close to our house. Enough said.) Anyway, I happened to stroll by their clothing section, and I saw this dress…for $3! My love for a bargain runs in the family. And the only thing my family likes more than finding a bargain is calling and bragging about it. So I called my mom on the spot and told her about the deal. Coincidentally, my grandma (the queen of bargain shopping herself) is visiting my mom, and she was impressed. They both said, “Buy it!” Here’s a closer look at the dress. Kinda cute, eh? (Even if it’s not, please pretend like it is to spare my bargain-hunting feelings.)

And here’s proof of the price. Although, I must say, I would never lie about something as serious as a good bargain.

So, even after so boldly saying that I didn’t need to buy a new dress, I found one anyway. And if our guests enjoy the breakfast tomorrow, then this shopping trip will have been a big success by all accounts.


Allison said...

That is a very nice dress. Clearly, even though you didn't need a new one it was meant to be. Now, if getting a great bargain is good, telling family about it is better, is getting to tell the whole world on the internet it the best?

Good luck with breakfast. I'm sure it will go well.

Allison said...

I love bargain finds!!

Good luck with your breakfast - I think you pretty much can't go wrong with breakfast meals :)

Crazy Daisy said...

great find with the dress! hmmm. I like the idea of having people over for breakfast... i have might to borrow that one!

The Major's Wife said...

thanks for stopping by and commenting, have a great breakfast and def. like the dress.

jlc said...

Hehehe. I like the sneaky dress you plopped in there. :)

Be strong and go face that fear missy!!! I wanna hear all about your wonderful meal that you prepared FEARLESSLY in the next post. :)

Destinee said...

This one is really wonderful dress!! I love it!!