Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Wonders

This weekend was one of the best that we’ve had in a while. Here are the highlights, in no particular order: 1) Our breakfast with the neighbors went splendidly! Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and the company, and one woman made the comment, “We’ll have to do this more often.” (I happily translated that to mean, “You people are pretty nice and your food isn’t half-bad.”) I also conquered my fear of hosting, and we plan to host again sometime. And, the bonus was that Husband and I got to eat some of the leftover food, which meant little cooking for the rest of the weekend. 2) The $7 on my bathroom counter is gone, replaced by 2 boxes of Thin Mints! I wanted to hug the Girl Scout that delivered them. 3) There was a small carnival in town, and I convinced Husband to go. [I was surprised at how much convincing I had to do. “But you love rides,” I told him. He replied, “Those aren’t rides, they’re death contraptions.” I nominate that as the funniest quote of the weekend. And I learned that Husband has discriminating taste in rides – only theme park rides will do.] My only goal in going to the carnival was to eat a corndog, and it was everything I hoped it would be: greasy and delicious. 4) We bought a new TV. It arrives sometime later this week. And then I may or may not see Husband again, except for the back of his head glued to the new TV. 5) We saw the movie Slumdog Millionaire yesterday. I was a little bit skeptical because of all the fuss about it, but let me tell you, it lived up to all of it and more. The movie was heart-wrenching and wonderful all at the same time, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I highly, highly recommend it. (But just know that it’s not for the faint of heart.) Did anyone else see it? I’m curious to hear what other people thought. Hope your weekend was wonderful, too!


jlc said...

I KNEW it would work out splendidly!! Yay!!!

Glad you got to see Slumdog AND got the thin mints. Haha. Ohh man they are my absolute fave!!

Annie said...

Ahh thin mints...Ours arrived and disappeared in two days. Which is a record, I might add. They usually don't last 24-hours.

Glad you were the hostess with the mostess!

d.a.r. said...

I'm so glad your brunch went well!! I love hosting people, but I always get so, so, so nervous beforehand.

And re: your comment on my blog about running. You are crazy lady! You are the one who trained for a full marathon, and if I remember correctly blogged about running 14 miles on the treadmill once!! I kept thinking about you, actually, yesterday while I was running and running and running on one place! You were inspiring!

Allison said...

yay for thin mints! i bought a box on the way into the grocery store a few days ago and proceeded to eat an entire sleeve.

did I already leave this comment?

i just had deja vu while typing that...