Friday, November 21, 2008

Meeting the Neighbors

I successfully delivered the brownies to the new neighbors yesterday. The wife was really gracious, and I think she was happy to get them.
(Side note: I found out later that she used to be a newscaster. That would explain why she was also so poised and polished!)
I think it was worth the risk of becoming a near-stalker to meet and welcome them. And I learned that a good way to meet your neighbors is by bringing them baked goods.
Unfortunately, this morning I also learned the way that you definitely don’t want to meet your neighbors: while wearing your pajamas. More specifically, your red pajama pants with polka dots.

Exhibit A.

So, this morning I wanted to go outside (just for a minute!) to water the plants. It seemed like a waste to change clothes, go outside, then shower, and change clothes again.

I took a quick peek outside and didn’t see a single soul. I asked myself, “Really, who am I going to see?” (I should know better than to tempt fate like that.)

I decided it was safe to go outside in my pajamas.

As soon as I got outside and turned on the hose, our street turned into Grand Central Station.

First, the neighbor that lives two houses down from us that I had never seen before walks right by me! It’s a mystery to me why I never saw her on one of the 300 occasions I was outside in normal clothing during the seven months we’ve lived here. How nice that she’ll probably remember me forever as the gal in the red and white-polka-dotted pajamas.

Less than five seconds later, the neighbor across the street came out of her house. Then a truck started to drive by.

Before my plants could get their fill of water, I had my fill of humiliation. I turned off the hose and ran inside.

It seems that pajamas, even more than brownies, are a sure-fire way to guarantee seeing your neighbors.


Ann said...

Glad to hear your "good doings" were appreciated.
I think it's great that all your neighbors got to see how normal and real you are. Maybe they will make more of an effort because you set a great example. Unless you had curlers in your hair...joke.

Kel said...

perhaps everyone liked your red pajamas and wanted to get a better look ;)

It's not like THEY don't have pj's right? hehe

Annie said...

Coulda been worse. Really worse. Like, locked out of the house and it starts to rain while in your pj's worse.

Annie said...

Coulda been worse. Really worse. Like, locked out of the house and it starts to rain while in your pj's worse.

Joanne said...

Oh no! Isn't there a Murphy's Law about seeing everyone you know when you're dressed inappropriately! (I'll bet it was funny though!)

Reynie said...

Glad you got your baked goods delivered and sorry about the PJ mishap, but it is sorta funny...

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Isn't that always the way it goes? I never see anybody when I'm out and about unless I look like crap either, haha.

TRS said...

Hee hee about the PJs! I have long since dismissed my pride in that area! I might just go have my breakfast in the condo courtyard in my PJs - but probably not.

Woah... too ironic. The woman who left the job that I just got - moved because her military hubby was relocated. She was a former news anchor - and oddly enough, worked in the city I also anchored in 10 years ago!!! two degrees of separation Tootie!

Does her name start with an M?

(but if so - please don't connect her to my blog for obvious professional reasons - thanks)