Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Never Too Early For Christmas

Ok, so the title of this post has become my new motto. It’s what I’m saying to myself to rationalize why it might be ok for me to put up just a few* Christmas decorations around the house….today.
I love everything about Christmas: the music, the decorations, the movies, the goodies, etc.
And here’s a true confession. I was in a store on Halloween (still technically October!), when I saw the workers taking the Halloween candy off the shelves with one hand and putting up the Christmas candy with the other. Just then, I heard the distinct sound of Christmas music playing overhead.
I know I should have been appalled by this, and I should have engaged in the obligatory complaining to a friend (“It’s too early for this! It’s October!”).
But instead, I smiled to myself. Inside, I was cheering, “Hooray! It’s almost Christmas!”
Earlier this week I visited a friend (another military spouse), and I saw her Christmas tree completely decorated and lit in her living room. I complimented her on her tree, and she quickly explained that they would be out of town visiting family for a few weeks and they wanted to enjoy the Christmas tree while they could, since they were going through the trouble of putting it up for their kids.
I wanted to say, “It’s ok. You don’t need to explain. I love Christmas, too.”
Husband is not as crazy about the Christmas hoopla. Sure, he likes the holiday, and he’s definitely no Scrooge, but he thinks that Christmas decor and music should wait until at least after Thanksgiving. Like most (normal) people.
He doesn’t quite understand why I get downright giddy when regular radio stations morph into the “all Christmas, all the time” stations.
And he probably wouldn’t quite get why I feel the need to put up a few Christmas
Thankfully, I’ve checked with the Commander of the House (that’s me) and also the Chief of Home Decor (also me), and we all agree that it’s ok to start putting up Christmas decorations.
Since we won’t be here for Thanksgiving, we can skip any Thanksgiving decorations we might have** and dive right into Christmas. Plus, putting them up now will save time later when we get back after Thanksgiving.
Or, I just love Christmas.
*This might or might not equate to all the Christmas decorations that we currently own. **I don’t think we have any Thanksgiving decorations.


d.a.r. said...

I was going to boycott holidays this year...but gosh darn it, I love Christmas. Too bad the hubs isn't around to help me drag out our 300lb storage box of Christmas decor!!!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

It used to drive me crazy when all the Christmas hoopla started so early. Something's going on with me this year though. I cant wait to put our tree up and start drinking egg nog :)

You're not alone!

The Mrs. said...

I was there the day after Halloween and what do you know, xmas decorations. My kids think that Christmas is in early November now. And now when we pass Target or Walmart my kids want to go see Christmas lights. When I was a kid we went around the neighborhood to look at lights, not the stores. Sigh. oh how life is changing!

however... I'm so excited to start decorating.

Joanne said...

I like the teamwork going on here - the Commander of the House & Chief of Home Decor. And I'm with you, put out the decorations and enjoy the happiness of the season. You've inspired me to do the same. Oh, and Merry Christmas :)

Abbey said...

I love Christmas as well and also get excited when all the decorations come out. We usually wait for the weekend after Thanksgiving to decorate our house, but we also wait to take things down until the Epiphany (Jan. 6th). There is one thing I always get out early (meaning early November)- my Christmas music!

Anonymous said...

go for it, life is too short. Enjoy yourself