Saturday, July 12, 2008

Marathon Training! Week 7

I’ve mentioned before that running has brought me so much already, like more confidence and more hope. (In addition to more laundry.) But this week it brought me a healthy dose of gratitude. I usually pass at least one other runner on my runs, and we usually smile and exchange a quick wave. This week I passed one man and exchanged the normal wave, but I couldn’t help but notice that he had only one arm. It reminded me that it takes courage for anyone to run (or walk or exercise), but it probably took even more courage for him. And it made me realize how lucky I am. I am usually quick to be thankful for my family, friends, and overall good health. But how often am I specifically grateful for my arms? The arms that let me hug Husband, that let me type out a blog post, that let me hold a book to read, that let me cook a meal, that let me do the thousands of other things I do. And, in just a few seconds of seeing this man, I felt a wave of gratitude for all that I have – arms and all. *** Marathon training is getting quite a bit harder. I ran 12 miles yesterday, which left me totally exhausted in a way I had never experienced. Afterwards, I hobbled around the house like an old lady, making slow and deliberate movements as to not aggravate my already tired legs. I’ve also sadly realized what “chaffing” is. I’ll spare the details, but I’ll just say that it’s not so fun. On the positive side, I made up for the lost calories indulging in hamburgers and fries. And I’ve eaten enough chocolate cookie dough ice cream in the past couple weeks to call myself a connoisseur. (My favorite is Blue Bell, closely followed by Ben & Jerry’s, and then Dreyer’s.) See? Marathon training isn’t so bad after all.


Kel said...

Yep, I learned recently what chaffing is too..don't recommend it!
Glad your getting to enjoy ice cream!!!

Tom Goering said...

Proud of you! I am getting wore out just reading about all the running! I used to run track and cross country in HS but your taking anything I accomplished to much greater levels. I thought about running the Chicago Marathon many years ago but I talked myself out of it, I was weak!

In the back of my head I keep hearing what my grandfather used to tell me before a track meet, "God only gave you so many heart beats, don't waste them!"

Not meant to be a de-motivator - only humor, now go run! (heal, toe, heal, toe)

A, B & C said...

My husband suffered with chaffing too- I think everyone does. I got him to try Aquaphor, a great water-based cream, that will really help. It doesn't make you break out and it really will moisturize and protect your skin. I'm glad I got a big tub of it because he's starting to train for the Paris marathon next April.

You're doing great. Keep going and keep us updated on your amazing progress!

New Girl on Post said...

Ugh...chaffing! I hate it. Any remedies for it you've found?

Keep up the good work work on marathon training, sounds like you are doing amazing!

Playful Professional said...

I'm so impressed. You're doing great!!

Patti said...

the pigging out is what i'll miss the most...yesterday i bought yellow oreos...delish!