Friday, July 18, 2008

Barefoot Interview

I had a job interview this morning, and I showed up without shoes. Usually that would be a problem, but since this was a telephone interview, I think I was safe. I also didn’t have to worry about an interview suit, a briefcase, styled hair, or even as much as a breath mint. The interview went ok. I tried to remain confident and relaxed throughout it, and I succeeded right until the point that they asked me to demonstrate my Spanish skills. Um…hola? It’s like the equivalent of someone saying, “Hey, I hear you are really funny. Tell me something clever or funny.” Except they wanted me to be clever en espanol. I gave them a few kindergarten-level sentences about where I was from and where I went to school. It was an embarrassing display that did no justice to my mediocre Spanish skills. Other than that, I think the interview went decently. There’s only one problem that now I can finally admit to myself: I’m not sure I even really want the job. Though I definitely want a job once I finish my Master’s (next week!), I’m just not certain that the job I interviewed for today is the job for me. I’m bummed because I was hoping to find a job that I’d like. But so far, I just haven’t found it yet. I’m trying to hold onto hope that something better is out there for me. So, I’ll try to be patient and continue on the journey of the job search. And I might even put on a pair of shoes.


A, B & C said...

I know just how you feel. It's hard when you interview for a job that you don't want. Hopefully you'll have time to keep looking at what is out there before they even offer it to you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good things come to those who wait! I'm sure the perfect job is just around the corner.

(Now, I just need to convince myself of the same thing!)

Good luck with your search!

Kel said...

Good luck with the job search - I really enjoy phone interviews, they seem much more relaxed to me. I would try not to stress so much because it will come. I'm sure you will find and land the job you are after with a little patience!

BTW-isn't it funny the looks people give when they find out how much you run - I used to be that person and now I'm on the other side. I kind of like being crazy! :)

Patti said...

your miles are bumping up fast! how much do you increase per week?