Thursday, April 3, 2008

Letting Go

I’m really proud of Husband. He finally has released the death grip on his old cell phone – his first cell phone, kept for memory’s sake – long enough for me to finally get rid of it.

I first discovered it when we were packing up, two addresses ago. Again, like the extra mash potato masher, I thought it was a no-brainer that we get rid of it. Turns out, he had actually kept this vintage 1990s-model cell phone on purpose. He hadn’t used it in five years, but that didn’t cause him to raise many reasons why he absolutely needed this electronic antique.

“But what if I need to refer to my old address book in the phone?”
(I didn’t want to break it to him that all of the people in his address book moved on with the twenty-first century and have subsequently gotten new numbers and phones since then.)

“But it’s my first cell phone.”
(My first cell phone is long gone, along with my first computer, my first CD player, and my first TV. But I’m still alive to tell about it.)

“What if I want to use it for a joke?”
(He’ll get no laughs with this phone from the stone age, only looks of pity. Mainly in my direction.)

“What if I need it for an emergency?”
(Contrary to what you’ve heard, people no longer ask “is there a doctor here?” when there’s an emergency. They now ask “does anyone have a decades-old cell phone that no longer works?” Or, at least that’s how it is in Husband’s mind.)

Despite all of this, he finally agreed to give it to charity. (I’m going to send it off quickly before he changes his mind.) The charity we chose,
Cell Phones for Soldiers, recycles the phone and uses the money it gets to donate phone cards to the troops.

I’m relishing this small victory. Let’s just hope that someone starts a “Fat Albert Shirts That You Never Wear for the Troops” or “Tacky Albert Einstein Ties for the Troops” soon, so he can kindly donate those items as well.


Anonymous said...

I must admit, I still have a Beta Max machine, for those of you not familiar with said machine it was used before VHS, it sits next to an eight track player(music was recored on this). Never mind that you can't even find tapes for these dinasours, but non the less they still sit in the far reaches of the closet. Someday they may be gone, but not until husband says they can go. :)

Mike Fox said...

I always keep my old cellphones for the kids to play with.

They always want to play with my cellphone, and they can tell the difference between the real ones and toy ones, so our old cellphones end up (with the batteries off) in the kids toybox!

trying said...

im with mike, the kids use our old phones, its the highlight of their day when they get to press the buttons.

my husband is still holding on to his whole vhs collection, never mind that we dont own a vcr anymore. sigh. you just cant win with them sometimes.