Sunday, September 23, 2007

my addiction

They say that admitting your addiction is the first step. So, here goes... I'm addicted to eBay. There, I feel better already. It started a few weeks ago. My husband had a video game he hated, and we couldn't figure out to do with it, since it didn't fit any of the normal categories of donations for charity. (Clothes go to Disabled American Vets, appliances go to Goodwill, and CDs and DVDs go overseas to the troops.) But - what to do with a video game? A bad one, at that. And then it came to me... eBay. It seemed the perfect excuse to try a new life experience. I'd bought something once on it (a vintage Life magazine from 1943, for the low price of $3), but wanted to see what it was like to sell. Husband was skeptical ("what chump would actually buy this horrible game?"), but shrugged and let me continue on with my plan and excitement. So, on it went - the Bullet Witch video game for XBox 360 for a price of $7.99, and the first sweet taste of selling on eBay. I was hooked. The deal was overwhelming successful. We got rid of it - for a cool 20 bucks! I'm not sure what about selling on eBay is so enticing. Perhaps it's the novelty of knowing that someone actually wants to buy your junk. Not just buy, but bid on it to a near insane price. But like any addict, once the the Bullet Witch game was in the mail to its new owner (the poor sap), I needed my next fix. So on went another video game and a DVD. I'd rush to the computer to check the status at least twice a day and proudly announce any updates. ("Sweetie, your game is up to $9!") I also began look at my possessions differently. I'd see something in our house, admire it, and then think: "Hmm...I wonder what this would fetch on eBay..." Who knows if there's any 12-step program to shake off the eBay addiction. If there is, I'll skip it. I kinda like being an eBay addict. Besides, it's not really a problem. The only problem is.... what do I sell next??

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Daniel Bruckner said...

once ebay has you, there is no turning back.