Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Club

This week I went to my first book club meeting, which I absolutely loved.  I’ve wanted to join a book club for some time, and it finally worked out. It was just so nice to sit and chat with other ladies who love books as much as I do.  In other words, it was a safe place for my inner book nerd to come out.

This month’s book was Jane Eyre, the classic by Charlotte Bronte. Somehow I never had to read this in school. I didn’t know anything about the book, so it was a surprise – a good one – for me.  (Bonus: Jane Eyre is free on the Kindle.)  The book is a little long, but the story itself was interesting and I found the ending very satisfying. 

Though it’s not for my book club, the next book I’m going to read is The Postmistress by Sarah Blake. A friend loaned it to me a few months ago, and I figure I better read it and return it before my friend adds me on her “do not lend” list. 

What are you reading?

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nanny said...

I am reading Pray For Silence by Linda Castillo. She has written 3 novels about murder in amish country. Police chief is ex-amish. I find their beliefs and life style very interesting. Good reads.....