Friday, February 4, 2011

So Cold

With the extreme cold weather we’ve had recently, you’d never know that I once grew up in a place where snow was a normal, regular occurrence. This week I’ve complained to everyone that will listen: It’s cold! I’m freezing! This is crazy! I might freeze to death! I can’t help but thinking of my beloved childhood dog. A family member, who lived in the South, found this cute, stray dog. I begged my parents for us to adopt her. Eventually, much to my mother’s chagrin, this cute dog came to live with us up North. The dog seemed to acclimate well to her new home, until the first snow. This dog was clearly a Southern dog. The first time she went outside in the snow, she turned right around to go back in the house. She hated the snow. In fact, she disliked it so much that she actually went on a bathroom strike. We didn’t fully understand her bathroom situation until a week later when our dog went for a ride in the backseat of my mother’s luxury car and the dog had an unfortunate “incident.” Oh, and it just so happens that my mom had volunteered to give the mayor of our town a ride that day. He was actually the first to discover what happened with our dog, by asking my mom, “Oh geez, what’s that smell?” as soon as got in the passenger side of the car. In short, it was a mortifying event for my mother and the source of much laughter for the rest of us. Regardless, I’m feeling a little bit like our Southern dog. I just don’t want to go outside, which has been a perfect excuse to read some books, drink hot tea, and clean the house. (Thankfully, unlike our dog, I am not on a bathroom strike.) I hope all of you stay warm!


nanny said...

LOL....I had to pick Trixie up and carry her outside this morning....she looked at me as if to say...You gotta be kidding, I'm not going out there. lol

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It's really cold out!!! I don't know how the poor dogs can go out and do their business.