Thursday, August 5, 2010


This seems like the week of changes. In just the last few days, the following things have happened: 1) We just got new neighbors, after our friends (a fellow military family) moved out. 2) Another military family we know just moved away. 3) Two good friends of ours just found out that they will deploying soon. 4) Husband is up for a new position in the unit. 5) I’m realizing that summer is almost over. On the positive side, these are a few things that are still the same: 1) We’ll probably be here (in our house that we love) for another year or so. 2) My job is going well. 3) Husband makes me laugh every day. 4) I’m still cooking. 5) I’m still happy.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Love the positives and just think... your new neighbors could be your new best friends!

nanny said...

Yep, positives are very important...good list!