Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Tax Day!

My Dad volunteered to help people with their taxes again this year. The program is geared towards helping the elderly, but he has helped people of all ages. He really enjoys it, and he happens to be very good at it, too.
That being said, it’s still nice for him when the tax season comes to a close.
I made this card for him in celebration.
And yes, this is as crafty as I get.
Happy Tax Day, everyone!


jlc said...

Haha it's okay it's the thought that counts right?

Miss. Beach Bound said...

That's awesome that he volunteers. I love the creative card, I'd do the same thing! LOL

I wish I had more time and could volunteer.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute!

I totally forgot that today was tax day...I already cashed my refund check...yes!! :)

Jen's Farmily said...

That's awesome that your dad helps people out with taxes. I know every year there's always a question or two I have that it would help knowing someone who could answer!!

I like your card, Hallmark should pick up your design!!

Ann M. said...

crafty or no, it's pretty much perfect for the occasion, so way to go!

Janssen said...

I'll have to make that kind of card for my accountant husband next year!