Saturday, August 16, 2008

Marathon Training! Week 12

The Olympics have been such an inspiration this week. Watching these athletes following their dreams – while breaking records and earning medals – definitely raises my spirits. My long run was 16 miles this week. While it was anything but Olympic worthy, I’m proud because: 1) I didn’t trip anytime during the run (although I did drop my poor MP3 player), and 2) it was my longest run ever. Oh, and even though I may never see my picture on a box of Wheaties, I’ll always have this:

It’s actually more fitting anyway because I think a wholesome, sugary cereal is better than say, a wholesome cereal. I had never seen it before this week, and I told Husband about it. He told me that he's bought it before, and he said, “I love that cereal!” He obviously has very good taste.


Kel said...

Congrats on the long run - isn't that an amazing feeling? I had a long run this weekend...planned for 16 but did 20 instead (more on that later.) It was incredible thinking I had just run that ... so I'm sure you felt the same way!


Patti said...

run girl run! I know how you feel and congrats. job well done.

Annie said...

16 without falling, that's awesome. So, do you get royalties for that sugary, tooth-rotting morning goodness? LOL!

Reynie said...

Awesome run! I'm glad you find inspiration in the Olympics. I watch in amazment and then realize that I will never run that fast or that long. Some of those folks are just sub-human! But, let's keep one thing in perspective--they don't have a cereal named after them either.