Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hawaii Memories

It was just about a year ago that Husband and I went to Hawaii. We went for the baptism of our friends’ son. But, for the record, I think any reason is a good reason to go to Hawaii!
Although we’ve been lucky enough to go on some great vacations together, Hawaii just might be our favorite. It has everything: beautiful scenery, gorgeous flowers, tasty food, lots to do, and the warm air with the cool breeze.
Specifically, I loved:
- seeing our friends and being part of the baptism.
- eating sushi, especially at the restaurant where you can pick any sushi you want off of the moving conveyor belt (!) in front of your table.
- shopping at the swap meet – in a huge stadium - for bargain souvenirs.
- eating pineapple that is so fresh and sweet that it tastes like candy.
- swimming with the dolphins! I wanted to do this for so long, and it was worth the (cough, cough) expensive price. I know I will be talking about it for years to come. (By the way, it was at the sealife park that I think is the one featured in the movie “50 First Dates.”)
- finding the set of the TV show Lost! (And, of course, taking lots of pictures and then blogging about it.)
- hanging out on the beach.
- eating at a delicious Asian restaurant that our military friend said was his favorite when he was stationed in Hawaii.
- seeing the huge turtles on the beach.
- malasadas, the hot donuts that became our obsession.
- going to a luau and watching the fire show.
- exploring the island and gawking at the beautiful scenery.
Is it possible to be jealous of your past self? If so, I’m envious of the girl that was just getting ready to go on this trip last year!


Allison said...

That sounds like a fun trip. Isn't it nice to look back on wonderful days like that? You should go again!

nanny said...

I love looking forward to and planning a great vacation. It is almost the best part!
I have been to Maui 3 times and would go every year if someone would go with me,,,,want to go?
Hawaii is just a special, magical place and I could never get enough of it!
I really would like to go to Kauai next.

Megan Beth said...

Ohhh pineapple is my favorite!!!

This post made me smile. :)

Anonymous said...

That last picture was taken on Tantalus, I'll bet. One of the great destination-drives on Oahu. We loved it.


Allison said...

so fun :) it's definitely on my list of places to see! and I'm loving that you saw the LOST set!!

Annie said...

The swap meet and the masadas are two of my favorites too! I miss Hawaii soooo much. Bellow Air Force Station is my favorite place on earth: so few people and miles of beach to ourselves!

If we don't go back for our 25 we may not see 26! LOL

Solar Powered said...

oh the pineapples

Shoshanah said...

I've never been to Hawaii, but would love to go someday!

Jen's Farmily said...

That is so neat that you got to see a sea turtle!!! When I was younger, I used to hope that they'd be coming up to the beach to lay their eggs while we were at the beach. I failed to realize that they didn't lay eggs in the area that we went to! :)

Adrienne said...

I'm jealous of your past self, too! I'm also envious of my brother and his fiance, who will be heading to Hawaii in a couple weeks for their honeymoon. I've heard it's amazing!

MG said...

I've never been, but it looks wonderful! It's always nice to look back on vacation pictures and remember what a great time you had!