Friday, October 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I find that no matter how fun a vacation was, it’s still always nice to be home. This time was no exception, especially since Husband was nice enough to greet me at the airport with flowers! Oh, and the house was immaculate! The freshly-vacuumed carpet was enough to make me swoon – and think that maybe I should go away more often. I’m glad to be back in time for Halloween. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss a holiday that’s entirely devoted to eating lots of candy. (As an additional bonus, I went to the dentist yesterday, which means I can devour lots of candy guilt-free without having to explain anything in the dentist’s chair.) Happy Halloween!


New Girl on Post said...

Glad you are back and had a good vacation.

How nice to come back to a clean house and flowers!

Ann M. said...

Welcome back, and happy halloween!

Kel said...

Happy Halloween!

wendy said...

What a sweet guy!

Happy Halloween!